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Who Are We?

We are US Filipinos for Good Governance
(USFGG), American-Filipinos in the USA and concerned everyday citizens who care about the future. We created because we fear that China is manipulating the Philippine people and we have proof.

Our aim is to expose and educate everyone about: 

Misinformation – False or Inaccurate Material, often started unknowingly and with no particular intent to mislead.

Disinformation – The purposeful dissemination of false, misleading or biased information, manipulated narratives and propaganda.  Both fall under “Fake News”.  The key difference is “deliberate“.

Professional Trolls – They are Paid “deliberate” spreaders of fake news and they come in droves or Armies.  In 2016 to the present, Professional trolls have manufactured a fake news pandemic in the Philippines.  Their actions are a coordinated purposeful harassment to make false narratives viral and seemingly real or popular.  This is known as Coordinated Inauthentic Behaviour.

Due to the criminal nature of their activities,  they use fake names and fake accounts.

We provide the evidence for Social Media Platforms to enforce their own rules and suspend accounts that are both Fake AND involved with Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior.


TrollExposer leverages AI developed by Simularity Inc.