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How to Report Disinformation spread by Fake Accounts and Real Accounts

There are fake accounts intended to spread disinformation, and also there are real accounts or pages posting disinformation.

Below is the process for reporting BOTH cases.

1. Reporting a Fake account on Facebook in 5 Easy Steps

We need your help.

We’ve tried to report our findings to the social networks, but with limited results. They barely lift a finger when ordered to by the government, as it’s against their business interests to reduce activity on their sites.

The social media platforms only listen when there’s a crowd making noise. 

And that’s where you come in. 

By reporting trolls – using the process suggested by the social media platforms themselves – you are doing your part to reduce the spread of disinformation.

Follow these easy steps below to report a fake account on Facebook, one of the top social media networks where trolls like to hide with fake accounts. *Step 2* may be different depending on what country you are in. Pick the option that most likely will allow you to report an account that appears to be something other than what it claims.


Step 1:

On any profile you believe is a fake account, click on the top right 3 dots and then select the option with “report profile”.

Step 2:

A pop-up, like the one below, will appear.

Select Fake account

*Note the variation: may be a different set of options such as this one below. Facebook has different reporting options by country so pick the option that allows you to report a fake/imposter account.

Step 3:

A pop-up, like the one below, will then appear.

Click “Submit”

Step 4:

A pop-up, like the one below, will then appear.

Click “Done”

Step 5:

You are done!

Click “Next”.

You should receive a notification once there’s a decision. Only report truly fake profiles as Facebook will likely notice if you are reporting too many real profiles.

Thank you!

*If you saw this button below on a Troll Profile post, you’ll come to this page of instructions. Follow them to report the account you were looking at.

2. Reporting Disinformation on Facebook in 5 Easy Steps

Pages and accounts post disinformation and in order to report this activity, it’s important to report the page OR the post itself. These steps apply to both pages and accounts – you are reporting the PAGE or the POST and the reason is False Information.