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Bong Bong Marcos

Bong Bong Marcos


  • Son of former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, one of the most controversial leaders of the 20th century.
  • Marcos announced in 2021 that he will run for president of the Philippines in the upcoming 2022 election, under the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP)
  • Marcos is well known for his social media reach, which includes over a thousand pages/groups on Facebook and a popular YouTube channel.
  • Marcos’ running mate, VP Candidate Sara Duterte, is the daughter of current president Rodrigo Duterte. 
  • Marcos’ trolls are sophisticated in comparison to the other trolls we’ve found in this election.  Their accounts very often look and may be authentic.
  • There are three types of troll activity: distribution, commenting, and filling up profiles and pages with Marcos content. Some trolls shared hundreds of Marcos posts to their own pages, making their user profile posts look similar to a dedicated Marcos page.  Distribution (taking posts from one page and sharing them to multiple other pages) and commenting (frequently with a propaganda image or a short phrase) don’t show on an account’s profile, so spotting a Marcos troll without knowing what they have been doing on other pages is difficult.

List Of 1 Trolls

Troll Accounts We Reported That Have Been Shut Down

These accounts formerly appeared on the troll list here. These accounts are now unavailable:

  1. dante.agustino
  2. carlo.yerro.1
  3. 100027442601333
  4. tolites.indaskies
  5. 100014850667455
  6. jacqueline.grana
  7. 100074859529441
  8. tirsomon.asuncion
  9. lucky.striker1009
  10. dhomia.dhomia
  11. Aya-Valdez-Ramos
  12. leng.gonzales
  13. 100072591829773
  14. 100010582715324
  15. liza.pelinio.7
  16. Tirsomon.Asuncion

Interactive Troll Network

Below is an interactive example of a troll network in operation.

Many of these trolls in the diagram below are enjoying the same “Attack Leni” benefits of the ones we have identified in the list above.