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Fighting Trolls And Fake News

Fact checkers and efforts by social media platforms to limit disinformation have not been enough to stop it. Troll Exposer is a new weapon in the arsenal against disinformation. Rather than focusing on content, Troll Exposer detects and publicly exposes the social media accounts that are spreading this harmful disinformation so everyone can see who these liars are.

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…or Watch the Filipino Explainer Video Below

Filipino-American Group Races to Unveil Large Army of Trolls Ahead of The 2022 Philippine Presidential Elections

Presidential Candidate Bong Bong Marcos says “Show me 1 Troll!”
Here are 100…

Proof of Huge Troll Networks

People are desperate to understand what news can be trusted, who they can believe, and what can be done to save our democracies from further division. provides analysis of the troll networks and activities, and the direct links to the troll Facebook accounts so that the public can explore the pages of the trolls themselves.

Now people don’t need to trust sources they might view as biased. They can literally do their own research to discover the activities of the trolls, and find out if the content they view online is actually the result of a covert influence operation, rather than authentic narratives from real people.

Click and drag each sphere (troll) to see for yourself how hundreds of trolls work together to disseminate fake news in order to manipulate the public.

How to Identify Fake News and Trolls